We have published this literature to revive and renew the Catholic spirit of the Twelve Steps, which helped so many millions recover from alcoholism and many other debilitating forms of dysfunction and addiction. This literature is applicable to all types of 12 step programs. We make no distinction among people or dysfunction. We hope you find in this way of working the steps a method to heal the addiction and dysfunction in your life and to continue the conversion of your heart to the heart of Christ, where there is no division, only unity.

Please find attached a description of how to work Step One and Step Two. We will add more literature as it is written.  We would love to have feedback! Please email any feedback you might have to catholic12step@gmail.com.

Step One & Step Two

We currently do not have any regular weekly meetings scheduled but if you are interested in a meeting,  please email catholic12step@gmail.com or call / text 210 542 5700.

God Bless!